About Us

The BBIM, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty products. Our focus and strength are understanding both the latest science and traditional herbal benefits.

There was science before science.

Our strength also comes from talented individuals partnering to create formulas and branded products. They are the consumers, scientists, chemical engineers, medical doctors. Together with them, we create out-of-the-box indie brands.

Bella Crown is a prestigious, upscale natural beauty store with organic hair care products, natural hair/skin care products, hair extensions, and wigs.

Complete line of Trichology service products. All liquid solutions are formulated based on herbs and FDA approved hair growth ingredients.

High-end health and beauty product line

Originally made for family members and close friends using top notch ingredients. Quality of the product created wave of demand.


The BBIM didn’t start as a manufacturer nor a product distributor. Far from it.

The Beauty Business Industry Monitor (BBIM) was founded in 2009 by the National Federation of Beauty Suppliers (NFBS) at its official research institute. Its mission was to monitor and research the latest developments in the industry to assist critical decision-makers in determining the course of direction; to develop and train various levels of professionals to improve the quality of services; to exchange knowledge and assistance across borders for the globalization of the beauty industry.

BBIM’s short term mission was to operate in response to the global financial crisis that affected all aspects of the industry in 2009. After proving its effective role, the NFBS (formerly the National Beauty Supply Dealers Association – NBSDA), realized the need for an ongoing research institute and endorsed the BBIM to stand as an independent organization that served a wider scope of industry members.

Developed curriculum and textbook on hair-prosthesis career training program in 2010.
Publishes monthly trade magazines for cosmetologists and beauty store operators.

Developed curriculum and textbook on the Retail Beauty Consultant career training program in 2014.

Now and Future

We are not eager to become a large company. We rather stay small but doing the big things in the health and beauty industry.

The information superhighway brought us to a new civilization. Artificial intelligence may one day determine which products to buy according to each person’s condition. The rapidly changing market environment calls for innovative thinkers and out-of-the-box visionaries. The new market and its consumers will be far too different from the past that it is almost impossible to consult others to lead. The companies and individuals with a clear view of the future must take the lead.

We believe, the BBIM is that company.


  • 2000 – First retail store, Bella Crown, opened in Washington, DC metro area.
  • 2001 – Published a best-seller in stylebook category, “Braids PORTFOLIO”
  • 2002 – Created twist hairstyle collection, including world famous Kinky Twist, Spring Twist, Fluffy Twist, Nubian Twist under the brand name EON Natural.
  • 2004 – Developed and manufactured OXYLOGY teeth whitening device and solutions which utilizes LED light and hydrogen peroxide.
  • 2009 – Established BBIM Institute, an official research institute for the National Beauty Supply Dealers Association (NBSDA) and published two magazines, CosmoBiz Salon (for professional cosmetologists), and CosmoBiz Beauty Store (for beauty supply store owners.)
  • 2010 – Developed and launched nationwide career development training programs for Wig Specialists, Trichologists, and Retail Beauty Consultants.
  • 2014 – Remodeled and restructured Bella Crown with completely different form of organic beauty store.
  • 2015 – Launched SECOND NATURE organic hair care and skin care line. Launched TRESSENTIAL product line. A complete set of products and devices for professional trichologists.
  • 2018 – Merged all brands and stores into one company, BBIM, Inc.
  • 2019 – Launched WIGSTENSIONS brand which became an instant sensation in beauty industry with its Lace Tint Spray. Launched WIG FRESH DEODORIZER under the Second Nature brand. Became the “Hottest product of second-half of the year.”
  • 2020 – Launched PAPA MADE Hand Sanitizer. Just when all documents are filed and completed with Food and Drug Administration (FDA), COVID 19 hit North America and it became overnight sensation.